CGZ - Consulting Group Zurich

Experience in specific business verticals

We protect and enhance know-how in selected business verticals for more than 30 years. The knowledge of the industry practices is a crucial prerequisite for the rapidity of the support we offer to our clients. Every industry has its own specific business patterns and its own culture. Moreover, it is crucial to have access to the network of decision makers and opinion leaders in the industry vertical.



We offer our Industry Clients integral advice and support in overall corporate development and sustainable profit improvement as well as in short and mid term cost reduction and efficiency improvement. We assist strategic quick appraisals as well as the design and implementation of cost-reduction programs or the development of growth strategies and innovation plans, the search for Executives and the support in all aspects of Corporate Finance.



We provide longstanding experience improving back-office operations and ICT. We offer extensive experience in enhancing the efficiency and quality of services as well as risk- and compliance management, internal communication and - cooperation.



For over 25 years we have supported organizations in healthcare to develop their effectiveness and efficiency. The special challenge in this area is the fact that economic and non-economic factors impact the solution. Together with our customers we have contributed many times to develop patient-friendly, yet economical solutions for Hospitals, Health Insurance and Public Authorities.



Our experience emphasises particularly the area of efficiency improvement, as well as the field of organizational and IT-development in the back office and in operational departments



We support Public Authorities in efficiecy improvement Initiatives and in the development of Public-Private- Partnerships.



We support our clients in strategic and operational improvements and in the implementation of development projects.