CGZ - Consulting Group Zurich

CGZ Services in China

For more than 15 years, we support Swiss and European clients with our professional China-on-site team and help to overcome cultural gaps and to create the basis for prosperous business development, as well as to identify and mitigate business risks in China.


Strategic Review and Corporate Benchmark

We offer support for a critical review of the China strategy and for the understanding of the current financial situation of the company in China. We compare the results achieved with comparable companies or industry standards in China.


Corporate Governance and Management Structures

Leadership decides in China on the success of the company and leaves little room for compromises. We assess the Management of our clients Chinese operations and help to improve the management situation sustainably.


Turnaround and restructuring

We actively support our clients in restructuring and in developing their management teams in turnaround situations.


Search and assessment of Executives

In cooperation with our local partners in Mainland China and in Hong Kong, we are searching Top Executivs and support our customers with the assessment of the top candidates.



As important part of our assignment, we are coaching the Chinese leaders and helping the new leaders with the many years of our experience.


Mergers and Acquisitions

We assist our clients in acquisitions, particularly in the process of due diligence. We advise our clients in assessing not only the hard factors such as balance sheet and P&L items but also in understanding the soft factors that are crucial in China for successful acquisitions.


Internal audits in China

In order to provide our European clients with pinpointed Information on their China operations and with mission-critical information, we conduct periodical audits of Chinese subsidiaries by taking into account not only operating performance indicators, but also particularly the specific Chinese cultural aspects.