CGZ - Consulting Group Zurich

CGZ Development

We support and assist our customers in the development of exceptional solutions for the company's strategy. Impact on the market, cost efficiency and speed of implementation are crucial for corporate startegic success.

The emphasis of our experience lies in the review and the realignment of innovative value-added concepts and the overall strategy for the development of market performance, sales organization and customer orientation / customer loyalty of the company.


SRE Strategy ReEngineering

Not only the cost-effective reduction of operational lead times in supply chain and production, but also the reduction of the strategic timeframe for the development of products and for the introduction in geographic markets and market segments is crucial for the company's success in an increasingly deregulated market.


Key features of CGZ SRE Strategy ReEngineering approach:

  • Establishment of a market intelligence culture and structure

  • Combination of strategic, operational and implementation-oriented aspects, pragmatic assessment of feasibility, risks and potential success of the overall strategy and the sub-strategies

  • Involvement of the Management in the process of assessment and strategy development. Development of organizational learning and a culture of vital communication

  • Promotion of Cultural Change in all phases of strategy development and strategy implementation


CRM Customer Relationship Management

In increasingly deregulated markets and reinforced by the possibilities of Internet-based communication, cloud computing, IoT Internet of Things and virtual organizations, it is important to know the customers, to differentiate products and services of the company, to reach the customers, to strengthen customer loyalty and to improve and communicate the brand promise.


Key features of CGZ CRM approach:

  • Improving Customer loyalty by providing superior products and services focusing on the needs of the clients at competitive price

  • Strengthening competitiveness by offering unique selling propositions and clear differentiation from competitors, particularly by faster, simpler, customer access to the company and all its services

  • Expanding into new georaphic markets and market segments by improving the "Market and Business Intelligence", thereby using new technologies

  • Shortening "time to market" through faster adaptation to market needs under rapidly changing market conditions

  • Improving productivity by reducing the cost per transaction and by continuously improving the quality of customer contact and internal interactions