CGZ - Consulting Group Zurich

Succession planning

In the coming years, many medium-sized companies are facing the major challenge to settle their succession in time. CGZ is supporting entrepreneurs in preparing the follow-up, in the search of a successor and for MBI's and MBO's as well as for implementation and financing of transactions.


Timely preparation

Prerequisite for successful succession planning is timely preparation. We support the entrepreneur who often is the founder and majority shareholder or sole shareholder of the company in the drafting of the succession concept. Future development of the company, securing the assets of the family and future plans of the entrepreneur are key issues to which solutions are to be developed. Decisions regarding a family-internal or external solution for the successor are the result of careful consideration of all the options.


Successful implementation

As fiduciary partner of the entrepreneur, we support the implementation of the succession concept step by step. Particular care and attention is given to the search and incorporation of the operational manager who is ideally supported by the entrepreneur in the transition phase.

Furthermore, we advise and support the entrepreneur in the financing of the transaction and for MBI’s and MBO's.